SUNFLOWER SPA HOI AN 20 Trần Cao Vân - TP Hội An HOTLINE: 0775 413 996


At sunflower spa, massage but not massage, it's a touch feeling.

AFusion of Traditionity and modernity. At sunflower spa, we combine traditional acquirement and modern treatment. The spa uses only 100% natural oil massage. Respecting historical values, in harmony with nature, is the way we orient ourselves to a sustainable and successful future. Located in Hoi An Ancient, our spa is a halting place on your discovery journey. After a day of walking around Hoi An, exploring local cuisine and culture.And now, let's your body to relax, let come to our spa. Our therapist will help you to dispel fatigue, let's close your eyes and enjoy relaxing moments.
Hearing your body and feeling a touch. Let's enjoy your massage with us.



Take care and beautify your fingernails and toenails. Before creating beautiful nails, we cut, clean the skin and nails, then paint your favorite color. We offer a variety of nail services to meet...[read more]


Foot massage is a form of using hands to apply massage techniques, acupressure, pulling... to impact muscles and soft tissues that are under pressure and tension due to sitting for....[read more]


Head, neck, and shoulder massage is a combination of operations using fingers and palms to impact painful areas, usually in the shoulder blades, neck, nape, back, etc. to minimize pain caused by pain ....[read more]


- Helps brighten skin, prevents skin aging Slim the face, repel fat under the chin
- Reduce wrinkles
- Reduce stress
- Repelling sinusitis when combined with acupressure techniques....[read more]


Hot stone massage was born 2000 years ago in India and China, mainly for the aristocracy. This form uses smooth basalt volcanic stones combined with massage essential oils, helping to....[read more]


Bamboo massage is a smooth combination of 9 - 12 bamboo sticks (hollow or solid) with different sizes on each body position. It can also be combined with Thai massage. Bamboo sticks are placed in a steamer with a steamer......[read more]


It is a type of massage rooted in the Ayurvedic tradition that focuses on the head, shoulders, and neck. Detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage. Reduces accumulated stress that can often lead to headaches, ....[read more]

Thai massage inherits the essence of Indian yoga, combining herbs and natural minerals with healing properties. This type takes advantage of the impact of fingers, hands, elbows, and feet to impact the body and ....[read more]

Body massage is a method of physical impact using hands, feet, and equipment to move and vibrate muscles and bones, impacting human acupuncture points to bring many....[read more]


Our average customer rating is 5 / 5 on google map
It's a local gem of a massage place. We were just passing and thought the place looked nice and the staff were friendly and helpful. The massage process was performed by local girls who again were friendly, and expert in their field. The atmosphere was relaxing .
Natalie Strappler
호로콴에서 식사하는데 비가.와서 급하게 들어갔아요 30분 발마사지 받고 나니 비가 그쳤아요~ 3명이서 받는데 전화로 한분 부르시더라구요~ 발마사지 압은 좋은데 수다를 많이 하세여 심지어 핸드폰도 하시네요 급 비올땐.바로 옆집이라서 추천
어제 올드타운 여행 중에 9명의 가족과 식사를 마치고 우연히 방문하게 되었는데 가격도 저렴하고 매우 친절한 응대로 가족들과 좋은 추억 만들었습니다~! 마사지도 시원했어요^^

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